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Professional Development


Graduate Medical Education Overview

 Navy Graduate Medical Education
Navy GME trains a tactically proficient, combat credible medical force by providing quality training programs that support the Defense Health and Navy Medicine mission.
The Navy GMEOffice is part of Navy Medicine Professional Development Center located at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  
Important Dates in 2017
1 July 2017​ ​Navy GME application website (MODS) opens:
30 August 2017​

Deadline ​to create and submit a new application. New applications will not be accepted after this date.

Modifications can be made to existing submitted applications through 15 October.

15 October 2017​ ​Deadline to submit required GME supporting documents and interviews.  Deadline to make application modifications.​
​30 October 2017 ​JSGMESB Joint scoring and placement begins.
​13 December 2017 ​JSGMESB results released via MODS.
​30 December 2017 Training acceptance deadline for Resident and Fellow selectees.
Applying to GME
1. Read instruction 
2. Schedule interviews
3. Gather required documents
4. Access and complete application
5. Upload required documents
6.  Complete interviews
Important Notes
19 SEP 2017: If you would like to make changes to your Navy GME application and are not able to do so in MODS, please email us the exact changes or additions you’d like to make: 
+For issues logging in to MODS, locked out accounts, or Login ID/password questions, please contact Ms. Natalie Parra or LT Amy Welkie. Please do not contact the MODS Helpdesk.
+If you are using MODS for the first time, please read each section carefully and ensure you write down your log on ID and password.
+Your application will automatically be submitted after you complete the final module.  This will be indicated by the green “applied” at the top of your application.  You can modify your application through 15 October.
+Applicants are responsible for uploading their own documents to MODS. See #5 under “Applying to GME”
+Documents from previous applications will automatically roll over to this years’s application.
+Medical School Officials can gain access to MODS using the instructions in this document.

+The Navy GME Facebook page is no longer active, if you have questions about the application process please contact us at