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        Welcome to Naval Medical Research Center - Asia

The U.S. Naval Medical Research Center-Asia (NMRC-A) is a new cooperative research initiative being established in Singapore by the Naval Medical Research Center to work closely with distinguished Singaporean researchers with a focus on infectious disease research of mutual interest. It will replace the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit-2 (NAMRU-2) Pacific efforts currently in Singapore.Building upon a legacy of nearly 70 years of research in the region, Navy Medicine's global research and development (R&D) efforts are focused on dedication, commitment and cooperation. NMRC-A opens a new chapter in a long and storied line of medical research institutions in Asia.

Identify infectious disease threats of military and public health importance and develop and evaluate interventions and products to mitigate those threats.  NMRC-A supports US interests in the Pacific Theater and advances diplomacy in the region by conducting infectious disease research and improving disease surveillance and outbreak response assistance for infectious diseases of critical public health importance to the United States and our regional partners.

The Naval Medical Research Center - Asia Webpage is Currently Under Maintenance - Please Excuse Us While We Fix This Page. For more Information about NMRC-A, Please Call:

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Naval Medical Research Center - Asia