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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories

Disorientation Research Device

Research Capabilities
· Realistic simulation of aviation or other dynamic environments with   man-in-the-loop control, manual control or programmable device         motion.
· Fully networked capsule; provides research power & 64 optically         isolated digital I/O, 8 analog output channels, & 80 single-ended or 40 differentials for 6250 samples/sec/channel.
· State-of-the-art real-time data acquisition system for physiological     monitoring.
· Eye /Head tracking for up to two occupants.
· High resolution, wide field of view, reconfigurable motion synchronized visual display.
System Safety
· Motion & Safety computers together monitor over 450 interlocks 125 times per second.
· Fail-safe braking system & Uninterruptible Power Supply for capsule homing.
· Complete System Safety Analysis provided under contract with delivery.
Motion Capabilities
· Simultaneous motion in six degrees of freedom
•Roll:                        360°+ rotation
•Pitch:                      360°+ rotation
•Yaw:                       360°+ rotation
•Horizontal:             33 ft. travel
•Vertical:                  6 ft. travel
•Planetary:              360°+ rotation
· Total system 420,000 lb.; 245,000 lb. of rotating mass on a 35.5 ft.      rotating platform
· 22 electric drive motors
· 32 cubic ft./680 lb. of configurable payload space
· Sustained planetary acceleration field up to 3.0 G in x, y, & z directions
· Time to max G ≤ 5 seconds
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