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Naval Medical Research
and Development
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Hypoxia Laboratory

Hypoxia Sensor Evaluation
Joint project with USAF 711 Human Performance Wing in which NAMRU-D is performing environmental altitude chamber testing of candidate O2, CO2, pressure, and flow sensors for integration into flight masks for hypoxia
detection.  USAF (711 HPW) sponsored.
Combined Effects of Hypoxic Exposure
NAMRU-D researchers are replicating altitude profiles experienced during emergency procedures in order to determine whether if there is a combined effect of moderate and high altitude exposure on performance or recovery.
3-Way Hypoxia Training Comparison
In collaboration with USAF 711 HPW, NAMRU-D is studying the performance characteristics of three prospective hypoxia familiarization trainers, the ROBD, a hypobaric chamber, and a normobaric hypoxia chamber. USAF (711 HPW) sponsored.
En Route Care Provider Performance
NAMRU-D researchers are collaborating with 711 HPW to examine the effects of long transport flights at low altitudes (4000 and 8000 ft) on the providers of en route care to wounded service members. biomarkers of hypoxia. USAF (711 HPW) funded.
Improved Resistance and Recovery with Ketones
NAMRU-D researchers investigating ketone supplement as nutritional          intervention for both hypoxia resistance and recovery. JPC5 Sponsored. FY17 start.
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