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Naval Medical Research
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Motion Sickness Countermeasures Laboratory

Pharmacokinetic & Efficacy Profile of Low-Dose Intranasal Scopolamine
· Testing to determine efficacy, pharmacokinetics, & side effects of intranasal scopolamine, as potential “just in time” motion sickness (MS) countermeasure.
· Implementation of an effective in-flight MS countermeasure may reduce training attrition.
· State of the art motion sickness chair
· BUMED AMD sponsored. Completed phase II FY15. Completed analysis of pharmacokinetics. Pursuing Phase III/field trials funding.
Evaluating Simulator Sickness in Mixed Reality (MR) Environments
· Comparison of the two primary theories of motion sickness etiology: Sensory Conflict Theory and Postural Instability Theory
· Motion platform operation driven from real-world small boat accelerometer data.
· Phase 2: Real-time DRD flights vs. passive flight exposure.
Evaluating Simulator Sickness in Mixed Reality (MR) Environments
· Assess current state-of-the-art MR technologies for the presence and absence of simulator sickness (SS) by comparing head-mounted 
immersive displays (Oculus Rift) with new augmented reality displays (Microsoft Hololens).
· Evaluate the impact of coupling realistic motion with MR environments on SS.
User-Worn Display to Mitigate Motion Sickness
· Testing to determine efficacy of Heads-Up Display (HUD) symbology for potential MS countermeasure.
· Project will add critical capabilities to existing test equipment (chair). 
· USAF sponsored collaboration with Wyle. FY17 start.
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