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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories

Particulate Matter

Desert Sand (PM2.5) & Burn Pit Emissions
· Animal studies underway to determine potential biomarkers and assess the toxicities  of inhaled sand alone, burn pit emissions alone, and in combination.
· Role of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in deployment-related pulmonary fibrosis
· Mechanisms and treatment of deployment-related lung injury: repair of the injured epithelium
· Inhaled nanomaterials: proof of principle using aluminum and silver
      nanomaterials completed.
· Nanomaterial persistence in an inhalation atmosphere underway.
· PBPK modeling of nanomaterials, joint project with NIOSH.
Fire Extinguishing Powders
· Evaluated if high concentrations of extinguisher powder cause     
      incapacitation and prevent ability to escape. Sponsor: USAPHC
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