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Naval Medical Research
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Vision Sciences Laboratory

Validation of Computer-Based Color Vision Tests for Use in Naval Aviation

Color-rich informational displays in modern military aircraft have increased color-discrimination demands. Current efforts involve evaluation of new color-vision tests and development of selection criteria for use in aviation candidate screening.  NAMRU-D research has resulted in NAMI & CNAF recommendations to adopt three new color-vision tests.

Laser Veiling Glare and Laser Eye Protection (LEP)

Increasingly powerful hand-held laser pose a threat to aviation safety when they are used to illuminate aircraft cockpits. Collaboration with AFRL/RXAP to evaluate laser eye protection solutions designed for a) mitigating veiling glare, b) night use, c) NVG/HUD compatibility, and d) NIR threat protection.

Impact of Low-level Neurotoxin Exposure on Aircrew Performance

Non-lethal neurotoxin exposure (e.g., sarin/soman) poses a threat to aircrew, inducing miosis and accommodative spasm and adversely affecting vision. Partnership with DTRA and AFRL/RHXM to evaluate aviation, NVG, and marksmanship performance using a FDA-approved surrogate with labeled use to induce miosis.


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