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Naval Medical Research Unit

Welcome to the NAMRU-Dayton Homepage...


Mission Statement

To maximize warfighter performance and survivability through world-class aeromedical and environmental health research by delivering solutions to the field, the Fleet and for the future.  


NAMRU-D is Navy Medicine’s world class, global aeromedical and toxicology research leader. Our efforts and innovative products are aligned with operation requirements to solve the naval and joint warfighter challenges of the future.


Select Research

  • Pilot spatial disorientation
  • Hypoxia effects; hypoxia detection and mitigation
  • Aviation/aeromedical training and evaluation
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Fatigue measurement, management, and mitigation
  • Personnel selection and human factors
  • Whole-body vibration; neck and back pain
  • Color vision and visually-mediated performance studies
  • Motion sickness countermeasures
  • In vivo and In vitro toxicity testing of jet fuels
  • Basic mechanistic toxicological research (e.g., toxic load modeling)
  • Inhalation toxicity studies of burn pit emissions, particulate matter (sand from in-theater), and fire extinguishing powders
  • Toxicological evaluation of submarine atmospheres for mixed gender crews
  • Inhalation exposure and toxicity evaluations of Nanomaterials
  • Jet fuel and noise-induced hearing Loss
  • Health risk assessments of explosives and air contaminants in Pressurized Rescue Modules

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Naval Medical Research Unit - Dayton