Department of Regenerative Medicine

Mission Statement

As one of the world’s premier military laboratories, the Naval Medical Research Center’s Regenerative Medicine Department is committed to cutting-edge translational research and personalized medicine. Our mission is to understand the response to injury and develop improved diagnostics, therapeutics, and decision-support tools for combat-related injuries. The unique collaboration between physicians, scientists, engineers, and mathematicians enables us to bring a broad variety of expertise to bear in an effort to solve important but difficult clinical problems.

Our team leverages real-world experience in combat casualty care to investigate heterotopic ossification, wound healing, immunomodulation of shock, infusible hemostatics, osseointegration, advanced surgical imaging, transplant tolerance and stem cell therapies for tissue regeneration, and radiation injury and testing of radiation countermeasures. In addition, we develop novel and dynamic bioinformatic approaches to deliver point-of-care clinical decision support in an era of personalized medicine.

Our educational programs are vital to our efforts and support graduate medical education by training tomorrow’s clinician scientists. The knowledge and experience they gain in our laboratory is evident in the multitude of national and international presentations, research awards, high-impact peer-reviewed publications, and book chapters - changing the way combat injuries are managed from point of injury to definitive reconstruction.

Combat casualty care is at the center of all we do. Working together with the Department of Surgery at the Uniformed Services University, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and civilian academic partners, our team conducts translational research from the battlefield to the bedside that is designed to benefit the wounded warfighter.

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Research Programs

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