Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (NAMRU-2) Phnom Penh, Cambodia

NAMRU-2 had its beginnings on Guam during World War II under the Rockefeller Foundation. Its primary function then, as it is now, was to study infectious diseases of potential military significance in Asia. The unit was established in 1955 in Taipei, Taiwan, where it operated for 24 years. A NAMRU-2 detachment was established in 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 1979, when politics dictated that NAMRU-2 leave Taiwan, the command turned to its collaborators in the Republic of the Philippines to identify a new site for the laboratory. The Unit was officially established in Manila on 15 April 1979. In March of 1991, the Command was transferred to Jakarta and the Manila Detachment closed in June 1994. The laboratory remained in Jakarta until 2010, when it was requested to close by the Government of Indonesia. The Unit was relocated to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and officially opened as NAMRU-2 Pacific on 17 June 2010, and disestablished in 2013. NAMRU-2 currently operates a laboratory located at the National Institutes of Public Health, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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