How to order from a clinic 



A military unit who places an order MUST have an account set up with NOSTRA, including complete mailing and billing information for reimbursable requests.

To setup an account, please call our Customer Service Department Monday through Friday, from 0630 - 1600 ET.
Please leave a voice mail or email with complete contact information if you cannot reach us during regular customer service hours.

Ordering via Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS)

All military ordering facilities should use the Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS).
The use of SRTS decreases processing time, reduces entry errors, helps organize clinic records and allows
deployed patients to replace lost or damaged eyewear via the G-EYES system quickly.

If you have an account established with us and would like to change from mailing or faxing your orders to submitting
them via SRTS, you must contact us prior to ordering for the first time.
Obtain the updated SRTS Clinic program version 6.0, build 192 from the SRTS web site

Please note the following:

It is important to use the most current version of the SRTS Clinic program.

The current version of the SRTS Clinic application encrypts files before they are uploaded, and the SRTS Lab application
de-crypts them before they are processed. Please refer to the SRTS ordering page for exact instructions.

The acuracy of the file attachment is extremely important in the SRTS Lab program that we use to interpret your attachment.
It must include your account number and the julian date. You shouldn't have to rename the file, SRTS will automatically do this for you.


Sending your files through SRTS is not only a great improvement from mailing or faxing your orders,
but it increases the quality of life for the patient as well as improving medical readiness.

If you have any problems or questions please contact us

Visit the SRTS Information Web-Site:
(includes their current program updates status and information, downloads, program registration for both clinic and lab use, and more.)

NOSTRA's production uses an automated Lab Management System.

NOSTRA has interfaced our automated Lab Management System (LMS) and the Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS).
The bridge between the two systems enables quicker and more accurate processing of your orders.

Your help is needed to make our automated interface work as efficiently as possible by upgrading your SRTS Clinic software to
the most current version available. We also ask that you limit the use of comments on your requests, unless absolutely necessary for 
RX justification, clarification or special requests. If you are uncertain whether to put anything in the comments section please
call our Customer Service Department and we will answer your questions. All orders received that contain comments must be
manually verified for correctness and special instructions. Since the LMS work ticket comments section only provides for 25 characters,
it is extremely important you only use a maximum of 25 characters when the comments section is used.

By interfacing the two systems, editing and data entry of the DD-771 will be performed by the software interface, and your
request will be in production within ten minutes of receipt.