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Ordering Optical Products

This section on ordering eyewear is not only a means for patients who do not have
access to a military treatment facility to learn how to fill out the DD 771, but for those military
members who are not opticians to learn how to order, fit and dispense eyewear to deploying

We also have information regarding how to order via the Spectacle Request Transmission
System (SRTS) and SRTS II for clinics' use.

You can use these pages as guidelines for how and where to mail or e-mail orders,
and to receive information on setting up accounts through SRTS.

Once you have placed your order, if you need to make inquiries regarding the status of your
order, please see the Contact Us page, or the FAQ page at this site.

Fitting and Dispensing

Everyone who has ordered prescription military eyewear has had some difficulty filling
out the order form, DD 771. Finding all the necessary information on every SF 600 is rare.
This article is designed to help the Independent Duty and General Duty corpsman serving
with operational units.  More importantly, it will reduce the chance of anyone having the
order returned for incomplete information.


The DD-771 is the approved form for ordering eyewear for those who do not have SRTS
capability. We have added instructions and several "dropdown" boxes to make this form
more convenient.


Eligibility for all optical products varies widely by service, by duty status and job assignment.
(i.e., NEC/MOS/AFSC) Please refer to the eligibility charts before ordering.

Retiree Eligibility and Ordering Information