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Diversity Program 'Facts of the Day' for the week:


Monday               18-Apr-16

There is a strong connection between sexual harassment, gender

discrimination, and sexual assault. Messages promoting appropriate values,

attitudes, and behaviors have shown great promise in achieving a healthy

command climate and preventing sexual assaults. Commanders and command teams

must visibly support and reinforce the standards.


Tuesday               19-Apr-16

Recognition by leaders for establishing effective prevention programs or

practices can incentivize units to be innovative and develop effective

prevention programs and tactics. Examples of how incentives can be used

include: Individuals recognized by leaders for safely intervening in

incidents; Volunteers awarded for conducting bystander intervention

training; and Units awarded for effective, innovative prevention programs.


Wednesday        20-Apr-16

What Role do Commanders and Senior Enlisted Personnel Serve? Commanders and

senior enlisted personnel serve a vital role in victim care. Commanders and

senior enlisted personnel at all levels have a unique responsibility to

support sexual assault victims within their units. Commanders also serve a

vital role in the military response system by setting the tone and

expectations for their units. A commander's commitment to Sexual Assault

Prevention and Response policies and programs demonstrates firsthand the

Department's resolve to prevent sexual assaults and reduce the fear and

stigma associated with reporting.


Thursday             21-Apr-16

To assist military sexual assault response professionals, the Department of

Defense (DoD) Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office developed and

manages "SAPR Connect," an online platform to collaborate and share ideas,

research, insights from experts, and news from the field. This common access

card (CAC)-enabled collaborative community of practice is critical to

ensuring DoD has dynamic and responsive sexual assault prevention efforts.

SAPR Connect provides users a wide variety of resources to ensure sexual

assault prevention programs are as effective as possible.


Friday                    22-Apr-16

The Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)

Connect is an online network established to share information and ideas

related to the prevention of sexual assault. This collaborative forum brings

together information gathered from external experts, federal partners,

military components, and educational institutions to identify and share best

and promising practices among active SAPR programs.


Saturday              23-Apr-16

The Department of Defense (DoD) Safe Helpline provides live, one-on-one:

crisis intervention, support, and information to the worldwide DoD

community. The service is: anonymous, secure, and available 24/7 - providing

victims with the help they need, anytime, anywhere.


Sunday                 24-Apr-16

Everyone has an integral role in responding to and preventing sexual

assault. Be vigilant and always aware of situations at risk for sexual

assault. Understand how to safely intervene, and know that you are capable

of stopping sexual assault.



From your friendly local NSMRL Diversity Program Officers,

HM3 Dwight Mitchell


LT Nathan Moss

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