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NSMRL earns first MUC in 59 year history
By JO1 (SW/AW) Mark A. Savage (07/07/2005)

Vice Adm. Donald C. Arthur, Surgeon General of the Navy and Chief of the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, presented Capt. J. Christopher Daniel, MC, commanding officer of the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL) and the staff with the Laboratory’s first Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC) in its 59-year history during an award ceremony Tuesday.

NSMRL’s staff earned the award for their service from Jan. 1, 1994 through Dec. 31, 2002, during which they consistently demonstrated expert scientific and technical knowledge in biomedical research, development, test and evaluation of submarine, diving, and medical systems and procedures to support the ever-changing operational requirements of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to the award citation.

“I know this dates back to 1994, but it should date back a whole lot further than that because this lab has been important to the submarine service for a long, long time,” said Arthur, who was assigned to NSMRL between 1980 and 1982.  “I really got an appreciation for the importance of this command and the submarine service.  It’s not just one thing that this command does.  Most commands do one thing.  This command does hearing conservation.  It does the diving … we went and saw the chamber that I spent many days and many nights in doing saturation dives, writing computer programs and doing all of the things that the submarine lab has done over the years.  I’m amazed that this is the first MUC that this command has received and it’s about time.”

After Arthur presented the award certificate to Daniel, they unveiled NSMRL’s new building placard emblazoned with the MUC and mounted it over the older placard.  Daniel was excited to receive the award on behalf of his staff and he thanked and congratulated them for their tireless efforts during the morning presentation.

“This (award) really represents the contributions and impact this lab has had throughout its entire history,” Daniel said.  “The work that we’re doing is extremely important.  The submarine force appreciates it.  I’m extremely proud to be your commanding officer and I look at all of you as people who will continue to make these contributions.  Everything we do has a direct impact on our country’s future and I just want to thank each of you for everything you do every day for the navy and for our nation.”

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