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Command Philosophy

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Our Philosophy 

People: Military Medicine is great because of its people: Civilians, volunteers, enlisted and officers. The people who care deeply about what they do; and who are not afraid to find new solutions to new and old problems. We are a group of people more motivated by the need to serve our Nation than the need for high salaries or prestige. Everyday, we, who serve our Nation, must take time to thank our communities who support us and to especially thank our families who make scarifies with us. 

Purpose: Military Medicine is great because we have a noble mission: Anytime and anywhere we provide high quality, safe, patient focused care which is cost effective. 

We are not like civilian healthcare organizations. We are different because most of us wear a military uniform. We deploy anytime, anywhere to defend our Nation in war, to help secure the peace, and to assist our citizens in times of crisis and disaster. As Sailors, we are professionally, mentally, physically and medically ready. We are grateful for our civilian co-workers, family and community for their unwavering support. 

Passion: Military Medicine is great because our people are inspired to be their best. Each of us is devoted to lifelong learning. Our learning topics include leadership, communication and networking. Our people prize innovation. Our people are flexible and adapt rapidly. 

Patients: Military Medicine is great because we achieve the healthcare goals important to our patients. When we cannot cure disease, we provide comfort. We care deeply about, and for, patients and their families.  

Patriotism: Those of us, who serve, whether military or civilian, and as exemplified by the Hospital Corpsman, perform our duty with professionalism and courage anywhere our Nation needs professional men and women to go. We must honor those who make the greatest sacrifice on the battlefield. We will always support warriors and their families.

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