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NHP Environmental Health

The Environmental Health (EH) Division ensures the highest levels of sanitation and safety are maintained by conducting sanitation inspections for all dining facilities, retail stores, living quarters, child development centers, and family home child care; plus, swimming pools, barber/beauty shops, recreational areas, vending machines, and military sponsored special events. These inspections serve to minimize the potential for food-borne illnesses or communicable diseases transmission. EH performs bacteriological tests on potable water systems, ice machines, and beaches. EH tests the local swimming pools for correct temperature, Ph, and disinfectant levels. 

The Home Day Care Certification (Initial and Re-certification) is by appointment only; please call the Corry Station CDC at (850)453-6310 to schedule an inspection. 

We also provide the 18-Hour Manager/Supervisor Food Safety Course for all food service personnel that work aboard the NAS Pensacola complex on a quarterly basis. Please contact (850) 452-6783 to sign up for the class.







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