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Epidemiology/Disease Surveillance

In the Epidemiology (EPI) Disease Surveillance Division, our focus is communicable disease surveillance, control, prevention and reporting. We conduct contact investigations on diagnosed communicable diseases and implement control and prevention strategies as appropriate.  We ensure patients are treated appropriately and provide counseling and education.  Mandated Navy, State & Local reporting requirements are conducted as well as statistical analysis on transmission rates.  We maintain a comprehensive Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance program to ensure prompt identification of TB infection and treatment.

TB INH refill clinic – Naval Branch Health Clinic NATTC NAS Pensacola
Open to Active Duty Only – Every Tuesday 1000 – 1300
We provide detailed Deployment and Travel Advisement for Force Health Protection information to active duty personnel or units who are deploying.  Additionally, beneficiaries with leisure travel plans overseas can contact us for recommendations for immunization and health information prior to travel.
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