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NHP Social Work

Social Work



Short-Term Therapy, Evaluation & Assessment, Counseling, and Referral, as appropriate, for Individual, Couple and Family.




Parenting Issues

Single Parenting

Mid-Life Crisis

Premarital issues


Adjustment Issues

Depression & Self-Doubt

Growth concerns in Marriage

Stress (personal, family, or business)

Marriage and Family Conflicts

Career Concerns

End of Life Issues


Crisis Intervention for Mental Health issues, Life Circumstance issues, Inadequate Resources, etc.; Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation (including Sexual Abuse); Assessment and Intervention with Child, Spouse, Elderly and Disabled Adults; Discharge Planning for all non-active duty inpatients;


Community Outreach/Resources: e.g. Financial, Housing, Transportation. Food, Child Care, Adult Sitters, Support Groups, Adoption Information, etc. 

Advance Directives, Guardianship, Power of Attorney. Custodianship Information Assistance & Referral. 

Hours of operation: 0730-1600, Monday-Friday

Location: Room 6014 (6 East)

Phone:     850-505-6741


  • Active Duty & Dependents
  • Retirees & Dependents
  • DOD/VA Sharing Patients (Inpatient Only)


Referral Base:

  • Self Referral
  • Physician/Provider Referral
  • Parent/Family Referral
  • Community Referral



  • Appointments are encouraged.
  • Appointments are scheduled through the department.
  • Services are provided to walk-ins on a space available basis.


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