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Medical Home ‘Teams’ Appointment Lines

Patients can request an appointment with their health care provider through Central Appointments at (850) 505-7171 or through the various Medical Home 'Teams' in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Patients enrolled to one of the Family Medicine Medical Home teams can call (850) 505-7120 between the hours of 0600-1700 (Mon-Fri) and choose one of the following three options:

  • For the ‘Blue Team’: select [or press] No. 1 on your touch-tone telephone;
  • For the ‘Gold Team’: select [or press] No. 2; and
  • For the ‘Green Team’: select [or press] No. 3.
Patients enrolled  Internal Medicine Medical Home team  - "Gator",  can call (850) 505-7122 between the hours of 0630-1800 (Mon-Fri) .  If you are calling to book an appointment due to a GI or pulmonary referral, please press "2".
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