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Women’s Health

Your initial appointment will be with your Primary Care Manager. After your initial Depo-Provera injection, your return visits will be every 12 - 13 weeks, provided there are no complications.

The Depo-Provera shot is given in the Immunizations Department during clinic hours.

Pap Smear
Annual and follow-up PAP smears are performed at Branch Medical Clinic Corry by appointment only. This examination is done by a Medical Provider.
If you require a mammogram a consult
will be ordered for you.  You will be given the number to Naval Hospital Pensacola mammography department to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. 

Test results from your PAP appointment take between 1-3 weeks to return. Test results will be mailed to your home. In the case of critical or time sensitive lab results, you will be contacted by phone.  If you have not received your results within 30 days, please contact the Branch Medical Clinic at 452-6326 ext 4000.

Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy testing is available Mon-Fri during clinic hours as a walk in appointment. Results will be available the same day as the test. Patients with positive results will be referred to their Primary Care Manager. Active Duty patients will have confirmation of pregnancy and duty limitations per OPNAVINST 6000.1B.

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