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Access to Care

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT:  To make an appointment call our appointment line at 901-874-6100 option 1. After selecting Option 1, select 1 again to make an appointment. Appointment line hours are from 0700–1600, Monday through Friday. You can also book your appointment online at
Call toll free the Nurse Advice Line at 800-874-2273, option 1 for 24 hour per day, 7 days per week after hours advice from a Registered Nurse. The Nurse Advise Line RN will advise you, depending on the severity of your
illness/injury, and will recommend a course of care for you. If the Nurse Advice Line RN determines your need is urgent/emergent, you will be referred to a civilian network hospital or urgent care facility for afterhours care.
NEVER SEEK NON-EMERGENT CARE WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR PCM: While we are not equipped to provide medical care after hours, a staff physician is always available by phone. 
EMERGENCY CARE: TRICARE defines an emergency as a medical, maternity or psychiatric condition that would lead a "prudent layperson" (someone with average knowledge of health and medicine) to believe that a serious medical condition exists, or the absence of immediate medical attention would result in a threat to life, limb or eyesight; or when the person has painful symptoms requiring immediate attention to relieve suffering. If you need emergency medical care, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. The Baptist and St. Francis hospital systems are your TRICARE network facilities in the greater Memphis area. 
Active duty members enrolled to NBHC Mid-South are required to notify the clinic within 48 hours of seeking emergency care to ensure an authorization for care is issued and billing problems are avoided. 
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