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Monday – Friday from 0700-1600
Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays: CLOSED
(901) 874-5351 /5361

Sick Call: Hours are 0715-0900 Monday through Friday for Active Duty Personnel.  Dental Sick Call is dedicated to the treatment of urgent dental conditions that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment.  Emergency dental conditions include severe bleeding, swelling, pain, or injuries.  Dental Emergencies are seen at anytime. 

Emergency dental care procedures under the Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP) for service members consist of the following:

1. Emergency dental care does not require an authorization or Appointment Control Number (ACN).

2.  Root canal treatment may be needed to relieve pain and infection, and is considered emergency dental care.

3. It is recommended that you use a United Concordia network dentist for emergency dental care. Although this is not required, any follow-up care with a non-network dentist will not be authorized and you will be responsible for payment.  A list of providers can be found at

4. The active duty member should report to the DTF the next available duty day to follow up on the emergency treatment provided and the coordination of definitive treatment.

All general and specialty phases of dentistry are available to active duty personnel with the exception of orthodontics. These phases include operative, prosthodontics, and dental hygiene services. 

The MetLife Dental Plan is available to all family members of Active Duty Service Members (ADSM) as of MAY 01, 2012. The NBHC Dental Clinic is not authorized to provide treatment to enrolled members covered by the MetLife Dental Plan. If family members are not currently enrolled, but desire to be, military sponsors should present to the local Personnel Support Activity Detachment. 

For questions regarding the MET Life Plan call CONUS 1-855-MET-TDP1 (1-855-638-8371) or OCONUS 1-855-MET-TDP2 (1-855-638-8372) or visit online at

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