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Medical records
We operate under a closed medical record system. 
Q: “What is a closed Medical Record System?” 
A: A system that enables the NBHC to maintain positive custody of our beneficiaries' medical records at all times. This means your medical record will never leave the clinic while you are enrolled here. This eliminates the possibility of it being lost and ensures its availability when needed. 
Q: “Why can't I keep my medical record?”   
A: It is the property of the US government - Article 16-10 of the Manual of the Medical Department prohibits the hand-carrying of medical records by patients. It is needed to ensure that current information such as lab reports, radiology results, medications and treatment plans are recorded in your record. 
It also ensures medical readiness for Active Duty members. 
If your medical record is kept at home, it is impossible for our trained medical records staff to maintain and update it as needed, and it will not be available for review before scheduled appointments.
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