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A Periodic Health Assessment is a vital part in keeping our Navy physically fit and medically ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. PHAs help your medical provider identify warning signs of heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, etc. 
PHA is due each year on your birthday. It is your responsibility to ensure it is completed. A PHA consists of a dental exam and a medical exam. If your PHA is not completed each year on your birth month then you are not fully medically ready. This may mean you will be non-deployable, you may not be able to do your PRT, and you may not get a PRT waiver. Please follow these steps to ensure you will get timely care and maintain your medical readiness. 
The PHA process:
1.       Call dental (901) 874-5362/5361 and make your appointment.
2.       Once your dental appointment has been completed go to the Family Medicine front desk and request your labs be ordered.
3.       Do not eat or drink after 2000 the night before coming to get your lab work completed.  It takes three to five days for your labs to be processed.
4.       Once your labs are ordered call 1-901-874-6106/6109 or visit the front desk to book an appointment.
5.       Be sure to complete the Online Health Risk Assessment, below is the link,
( and bring in a copy of the results for review and documentation on your appointment day.
6.       Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are 10 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule your appointment for a later date.
**If you need a waiver for your Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), an appointment to see your PCM must be booked.  Any PARFQ with “YES” answers must be signed off by a Provider and may require a separate appointment.  The first appointment is for the PHA and a second appointment to see your PCM if a waiver is required.
Physical Examinations:
§  Five-year physicals for Navy and Marine Corps active duty members are no longer required and have been replaced by the Periodic Health Assessment.      
§  All service members, in all branches, who need a flight, retirement, separation, or specialty physical, may call the Physical Exams office line at 1-901-874-6114 for an appointment. 
§  Overseas or Sea Duty Screening appointments can be scheduled by calling the Physical Exam office line at 1-901-874-6114.
§  Active Reserve service members needing any type of physical are required to be on active orders for appointment, call Physical Exams to schedule an appointment at 1-901-874-6114. 
§  Member MUST bring medical record and dental record to their appointment if records are not kept in clinic
§  Females – Ensure annual PAP/ Mammogram exam is complete with results
§  Active Duty – Ensure that you have an up-to-date Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), HIV and PPD, Influenza, TD.
§  Dental signature is REQUIRED before your appointment with the Provider. Dental needs to fill out the bottom of the first page and a Dentist needs to sign the third page of the 2808.
§  Bring civilian provider’s notes from current physical exam, PAP/Mammogram with lab results, immunizations, and any other medical records for conditions that require follow-on-care.
* The Physical Exams Department does not have a current Flight Surgeon on Board.
* A Flight Surgeon is assigned to the Health clinic on TAD orders monthly.
* NAVMED 6410/10 is only for Short Flight Physicals. 
Instructions on how to fill the above forms:
DD 2807-1
§  Each member MUST fill this form out completely.
§  Complete blocks 1-29. For all “Yes” answers please provide explanations in block 29.
§  Complete the top of the page with the Service member’s information
§  Ensure that each form has all personal information filled out.
DD 2697
§  Each member MUST fill out this form completely
§  Follow instructions on form and explain all answers as directed
§  Sign and date the bottom of the form.
NAVPERS 1300/16
§  Complete the top of the page with the Service member’s name and SSN
§  Complete the blocks below with the family member’s names in the blocks listed as FAMILY MEMBERS SUITABILITY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. This page needs to only be completed in the Service member’s pack. If no dependents are accompanying the Service Member, only complete the top of the form. 
NAVEMED 1300/1
§  Complete and fill out upper portion of the form only. Each family member will need their own form.
1.              Have all family members fill out the NAVMED 1300-1 and DD Form 2807. 
2.              If family members are seen out in town (by their own PCM) please make sure the paper work was reviewed and signed (on all forms).
3.              All family members who have been seen out in town (by any physician) need to bring copies of ALL medical notes, procedures and records, including dental and immunization records to your Overseas Screening Coordinator.
4.              All members must be seen by dental (regardless of age).  The servicing Dental MTF will need all records from out in town to complete the screening.  If a family member requires any dental care, they will need to see their own dentist out in town. The dentist out in town may sign off the forms, if not they MUST bring copy of their dental exam in.
5.              All females age 18 and over are REQUIRED to have a current PAP and a pregnancy test if sexually active. If a female is over the age of 40, they need a current mammogram.
6.              Family members will need to have required and country appropriate shots. This can be accomplished at our immunization clinic. This will ensure all required immunizations are up to date prior to transfer.
7.              All families must have a Current passport prior to going to another country.
8.              Infants and toddlers (birth to age 2 years) need to have a copy of their current individualize family service plan (IFSP).
9.              For each child enrolled in school, to include pre-school (ages 3 through 21): need to have a copy of a DD 2792-1 completed by their school.
10.         For each family member enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP):  a copy of the enrollment application and any EFMP correspondence is required.
11.         Once all the above is complete, you will need  to call 874-6106 to make an appointment with a Primary Care Manager (physician) at this facility to sign off your overseas screening. Once signed, please bring it to the Overseas Screening Coordinator.  If everything is properly completed, a message will be sent to your gaining command for determination of suitability.
12.         Once the gaining command approves the Service and/or Family Members, they will notify NBHC NSA-Mid-South Overseas Coordinator. At this point the member will be notified to pick up their package and hand carry to their Commands Admin Department and/or PSD to fully complete their Overseas Screening and carry out their PCS orders.