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What is it?

Medical Homeport is a new Navy-wide approach to primary care that places you in the center of a team--a family of caregivers. Your team, led by your personal provider, includes nurses, case managers, corpsmen and support staff to meet your comprehensive healthcare needs.

Naval Hospital Pensacola's adoption of the Medical Homeport approach means you regularly see the same family of caregivers who help plan your care, now and in the future. Our move to a "whole person" approach is designed to enhance your access, strengthen communication and build stronger relationships between you and your team.

Medical Homeport underscores our commitment to helping you and your family live happier and healthier lives.

What does Medical Homeport mean to me?

  • Continuity of care
  • Holistic approach
  • Focus on prevention
  • Improved communication
  • After-Hours Nurse Advice Line -- available through Central Appointments (877) 879-1621
  • Secure e-mail access to your team -- Medical Home Port Online
  • Online appointment scheduling, medication refills, lab results -- Medical Home Port Online
  • Access to doctor-recommended websites -- Medical Home Port Online
  • You keep your Primary Care Manager (PCM), who leads your team.

Using Relay Health, staying in touch with your provider just got easier: anytime, anywhere, from any Internet connection. It’s easy and secure. For your non-urgent needs, you may even save yourself a visit to the clinic. No more waiting on-hold for appointments or medication refills. No more talking to people other than your personal healthcare team about private matters.

Relay Health:

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