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Beth Mckinzie, RN, CDE

Health Promotions:
The Health Promotion/Education department provides beneficiaries an integrated program of wellness, preventive education and health services designed to promote lasting lifestyle changes. Group classes and individual appointments are available. The following services are offered:
Tobacco Cessation Program:
·       New class every month consists of a one hour session for four classes.
·        The focus is on behavior modification, developing a quit plan, using group interaction & support. 
·       Nicotine patches, Zyban and Chantix are available for participants with pharmacy benefits.
·       The class is open to all active duty, retired, family members and base employees.
·       Individual counseling is available by appointment if you are unable to attend the classes.
Weight management:
·       Individual consultations to lose/gain weight.  Nutritional counseling for those requesting dietary information for any other reason other than weight control is also available.
Ship Shape – Navy weight management and healthy living program:
·       Consists of 8 weekly classes (60-90 minutes)
·       Focus is on healthful food choices, regular activity, goal setting and overcoming barriers. The class is offered at least 2 times per year. Registration required.
Healthy Heart:
·       One hour group appointment aimed at reducing your risk for heart disease by learning how to reduce cholesterol and/or control high blood pressure through dietary & lifestyle changes.
·        Geared for those who have been diagnosed with elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure or want to prevent these issues.
·       Individual counseling is available on these issues if unable to attend group time.
Diabetes Education:
·       Individualized teaching for people with newly diagnosed or existing diabetes on all aspects of diabetes management & self care issues. 
Stress Management:
·       Briefing on stress, what it is, how to manage it, and consequences if it is not handled. Can be a one-on-one consult or group class. Must be scheduled. Appointments are also available for a Behavioral Health Consultation in Med Home.
Commissary Tour for Healthful Eating: Tours are scheduled throughout the year. Groups can call to arrange a tour time.
·       Tours are provided by a registered dietician or registered nurse
·       Healthful food choices and label reading are discussed in detail as the commissary is toured
Sleep Management: Individual appointment or group class can be arranged.  Appointments are also available for a Behavioral Health Consultation in Med Home.
·       Sleep Facts
·        Sleep Environments
·        Stages of Sleep
·        Promoting Good Sleep
·        Relaxation Resources

Sexual Health: Appointments can be arranged with a Preventive Medicine Corpsman:
·        Myths
·        STI (sexually transmitted infection) Contraction Reduction
·        Condom Use
·        Increased Risk
·        Contraceptives
·        Protect Yourself
·        Choices
·        Navy/Marine Guidelines
Alcohol/drug abuse prevention – information is available in the waiting room & counseling is available through Behavior Health.
Contact the Health Promotion/Education Department, at (901) 874-6178
*** Any of the topics listed can be presented to groups at your work site.   If your Command or Organization would like an onsite presentation, please call us to discuss your needs.
Health promotions websites for more information:
·       Military One Source -
·       Basic Health information -
·       Centers for Disease Control & Prevention -
·       Cancer Prevention & Treatment Information -
·       National Diabetes Education Program -
·       National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute– information on heart, lung and sleep health -
·       National Institute on Aging offers senior health information including Alzheimer’s support -
·       National Suicide Prevention Helpline:
·       Navy and Marine Corps Suicide Prevention:  Marine Corps:
·       CDC Healthy Living:
·       Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center - Healthy Living -
·       Children’s Health -
·       Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling:
·       Crews Into Shape (NMCPHC) Fitness Competition:
·       The President’s Fitness Challenge:
·       We Can! Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition -
·       Nutrition - or for general nutrition information:
·       Weight Information Network (NIH) nutrition, exercise and heart health program:
·       National Cancer Institute Tobacco awareness program:
· DoD tobacco awareness program:
·       National Institute of Drug Abuse:
·       That Guy alcohol awareness program:
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