The NBHC NSA Mid-South offers substance abuse assessments for active duty service members experiencing difficulties with alcohol or other addictive substances.    Service members may refer themselves, receive a medical referral (from the branch clinic or Fleet and Family) or be command referred.   The service member is encouraged to meet first with the command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA) but may walk directly in to the clinic if necessary.  After initial screening with a SARP counselor and Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP), the service member and command will be given recommendations for education and/or treatment. 
Service members or their DAPAs should contact the Behavioral Health desk at comm. (901)874-6133 or DSN 882-6133 to schedule a substance abuse assessment.  Although we are currently without a SARP counselor, we have a visiting SARP counselor who is generally scheduled every second week of the month to conduct initial assessments on patients.   For routine assessments, the service member will be scheduled to meet with the visiting SARP provider and LIP.  In urgent situations, the service member will be seen immediately by the LIP. 
The DAPA should have their command open a file in the Alcohol and Drug Management Information Tracking System (ADMITS), complete the incident report (DAAR) and forward to the Behavioral Health desk by the end of the first week of the month.  The service member will not be given a routine assessment without completion of the DAAR. 
For after hours and weekend assessments, the service member may report directly to the free 24/7 Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Assessment Service at Lakeside Behavioral Health.  Their contact information is as follows:
Lakeside Behavioral Health
2911 Brunswick Rd
Memphis, TN 38133
Ph: (901)377-4733
Fax: (901)373-0937
*Service members who are referred by their DAPAs after hours should have their DAPA fax their DAAR directly to Lakeside at the fax number listed above.  The DAPA should then call to be sure that that provider assessing the service member has received and read the report before meeting with that service member.   Commands bringing a service member to Lakeside for urgent after hours assessment should remain with the service member until a disposition is made by the clinical staff. 
Military Dependents:  All military dependents seeking substance abuse assessments are encouraged to go directly to Lakeside Behavioral Health for a free assessment. 
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