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Welcome to NBHC NAS Meridian


Medical Home Port Team Naval Health Clinic Meridian, MS 
 You are currently assigned to a Primary Care Manager (PCM) at the Naval
Branch Health Clinic (NBHC) NAS Meridian, MS.  At NBHC, we are initiating a
new way of delivering primary health care known as the "Medical Home Port."
Navy Medicine has embarked on a journey the last several years to implement
"Medical Home Port," known nationally as the Patient Centered Medical Home
within the civilian sector.
Your Medical Home Port consists of a team of providers, nurses, Corpsmen and
other support staff charged with providing all aspects of your healthcare in
a more personalized, patient centered fashion.  Your Home Port's goal is to
provide the same high quality healthcare you have come to expect while
improving same day access and ensuring the highest satisfaction.  Though our
goal is for you to see your assigned PCM whenever possible, when they are
not available, rest assured another member of the close knit team will be
there ready to address your needs.  And, we are exploring new ways to
provide aspects of care that do not always require a face to face visit,
including secure e-mail communication.  Our goal is to ensure that primary
care is delivered in your medical home, alleviating long waits in the
Emergency Room for routine care and ensuring that your team stays activated
in addressing your healthcare needs.  The success of Medical Home Port will
be a joint venture between our patients and the NHP team as we navigate and
optimize your health together.
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