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Welcome to Pensacola! If you are a member of NAS Pensacola’s work population and NBHC NAS Pensacola has been designated as your healthcare provider – we look forward to serving your needs. Our home building (Bldg 3600) is presently under renovations until approximately September 2009. In the interim, we are providing services at our NATTC Location (Bldg 3911 on board NAS Pensacola), our Corry Station Location (Bldg 535 on board Corry Station), and at Naval Hospital Pensacola (6000 W. Hwy 98). Maps to all these locations are on our home pages.

To determine where you will receive your care, please consult the link to our Interim Care Plan on the home page. You may drop your health record off during duty hours Monday – Friday at the location indicated on the brochure. Dental services are also divided up amongst the three locations already noted. You may call 452-5600 to determine where your dental record will be maintained.

We appreciate your patience during these difficult, but necessary repairs to our home facility…if you have any questions or concerns you may call 452-5242 and ask to speak to the Customer Service Representative.

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