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Personnel will be issued an Up-Chit at their Aviation Sick Call location (either NATTC or Corry Station Location).
  • CTW-6 (VT-86, 10, 4), NASC (Schools Command), and MATSG (Flight Status Staff and Students) Up-Chits issued at NATTC Location – call 452-8979 to arrange a time.
  • All other flight status personnel Up-Chits issued at Corry Station Location – call 452-5242 to arrange a time.

The patient must meet the following requirements:
1. Be off all medications.
2. They have returned to their normal state of health.
3. They must bring their medical record or pick their record up in the Medical Records office.

General NATOPS (OPNAVINST 3710, Chapter includes the following statements on medications:

Taking drugs prescribed by competent medical authority shall be considered sufficient cause for recommendation of grounding unless their use is specifically approved by a flight surgeon, or a waiver for specific drug use has been granted by BUPERS of the Commandant of the Marine Corps

Because of the possibility of adverse side effects and unpredictable reactions, the use of over-the-counter drugs by flight personnel is prohibited unless specifically approved by a flight surgeon.

In general, all medications require temporary grounding unless specifically described here as NCD for flight duties.

Due to the complexity of the medications involved, different flight status categories, and specific flight status requirements; any questions should be referred to , (850) 452-5242

A medication reference can be found at
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