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Preventive Health Assessment

Effective January 1, 2004, all Active Duty Navy staff members assigned to NAS Pensacola or tenant commands were required to have an annual Preventive Health Assessment (PHA).  The PHA is the consolidation of several medical programs.
1.      Annual physical readiness test (PRT) risk evaluation and the evaluation of your safety to participate in the PRT.  These are items that were identified when the member completed the (name) prior to each PRT cycle.
2.      Routine annual health requirements (HIV test, medical record review).
3.      Counseling on health maintenance.
The PHA includes the following preventive health assessment components:
·        Blood pressure measurement
·        Height and weight measurement
·        Colorectal cancer screening
·        Lipid screening
·        Cardiovascular risk screening
·        Medical readiness for mobilization
·        Immunization status
·        Occupational risk and surveillance
·        Female-specific health screening
·        Male-specific health screening
·        Counseling requirements
·        Health promotion / clinical preventive services counseling
·        Family planning, contraception and STD prevention counseling
The PHA should be completed during your birth month, call 452-7500 to make a PHA appointment.
***Ensure your record is available at the location where you will be receiving your PHA.  If you hand-carry your records, or normally receive your care at another location – you are responsible for ensuring that your health record and dental record are available to the healthcare staff on the day of your PHA.
If you wish, you may request a full physical exam which will include a PHA will also be more in depth.  This must be requested from the Medical Home Port Team (850)452-5242.
Flight Status personnel will automatically have their PHA done in conjunction with their Flight Physical.


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