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Scope of Services
Dental Department serves active duty military staff and students attached to NATTC, MATSG-21, MATSG-23, CNATT, and active duty personal referred from other Naval Hospital Pensacola outlying clinics.

Dental provides comprehensive general dentistry.

General Dentistry
- Amalgam Restorations
- Composite Restorations
- Crowns

Oral Surgery
- Simple Extractions
- Complex Extractions
- Biopsies

Dental Hygiene
- Prophylaxis and fluoride application
- Scale and Root Planning
- 6 month recall

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 0645 - 1500
Closed on Weekends/Federal Holidays
For an appointment call:
Dental Clinic: (850) 452-8970 ext. 106 or 107.
Dental Emergencies after hours:
Patients may call the on-call duty Dental Tech at (850) 375-1603. Patients can also report to the nearest Emergency Room.
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