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Welcome to the Dental Department of the Naval Branch Health Clinic, NSA Panama City. We are located at 2600 Veterans Way, Bldg 646, Panama City Beach. Our goal is to provide the highest quality comprehensive dental care to our active duty beneficiaries.

Services available to active duty beneficiaries:

Dental Diagnostics (exams, sea duty/overseas screenings, overseas screening for family members)

Dental Radiology (x-rays of the teeth and structures of the face/head)

Oral Surgery (extractions, pre-prosthetic)

Endodontics (root canals and surgery of the teeth)

Periodontics (treatment of diseases of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth, pre-prosthetic surgery)

Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants)

Restorative Dentistry (restorations and esthetics)

Dental Hygiene (oral health education and cleanings)

Emergency Services (during normal hours)

Maintaining operational dental readiness and overall dental health for active duty personnel is our primary mission.
Other specialty services will be referred to a civilian dentist (through our Active Duty Dental Program) or to Naval Hospital Pensacola.

Hours                                Monday – Tuesday: 0730-1600
Appointments              (850) 636-9404
Emergencies               Monday – Friday: 0730-1600
After hours dental emergencies:  Visit the nearest Emergency Room 
Links                         TRICARE Dental Program
                                TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
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