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Mission, Vision and Goals



We provide exceptional innovative healthcare, wellness, readiness and education to the service members, patients and families entrusted to us at home and while forward deployed.
To be the recognized leader and hospital of choice as a result of quality, cost efficient healthcare valued by our patients and our community partners while promoting excellence in staff development and patient education.
Guiding Principles:
Providing exceptional healthcare for our patients, their families and each other through:
§  Teamwork:  Partner with patients, the community and each other to achieve common goals
§  Safety:  Strive to constantly provide an environment that ensures the safety and wellness of our patients, visitors and staff
§  Diversity:  Embrace the differences amongst our patients and staff to drive collaboration and innovation
§  Patient Centeredness:  Actively involve patients and their families in the design and delivery of healthcare
§  Education:  Provide an environment that fosters the personal and professional growth of all personnel
§  Integrity:  Doing the right thing at all times even when no one is aware
§  Readiness:  Prepared to serve our Nation and our beneficiaries at a moment's notice
§  Fiscal Stewardship:  Make fiscally responsible decisions without sacrificing the care of those we serve
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