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Overseas Screening and Exceptional Family Member Program

All service members and their families are required to be screened before reporting for shipboard or overseas duty. Call (850) 636-9403 to schedule an appointment. 
Per  BUMEDINST 1300.2B, the Overseas Screening (OSS) process is required to be completed within 30 days of receipt of Orders.  It is important that an OSS is thoroughly completed on each service and family member that is selected to come overseas.

Furthermore, when a case of improper screening is identified, an Overseas Screening Deficiency Report (OSDR) will be submitted (as required by
 BUMEDINST 1300.2B) to the transferring/losing command, gaining command, BUMED, and COMNAVPERSCOM or HQMC (as required by  MILPERSMAN 1300-306). See the relevant references or the  Sample OSDR for more information.

If an improperly screened individual arrives at the overseas location with special needs, the requirements of the individual might exceed the capabilities of the new duty station and undue work and family related stress could result. These could include, but are not limited to: increased absences from duty, decreased quality of life, unplanned expenditures of temporary additional duty (TAD/TDY) funds and quite possibly early return of dependants (ERD) or Tour Curtailment.

A proper screening ensures a productive tour for the service member, family and the new command.

Suggestions to expedite the screening process: 
  • Start the OSS process immediately upon receipt of orders
  • Only appointed screeners are able to request OSS for service and family members.
  • Provide  DD2807-1 and  1300-1 and any additional/supplemental information from civilian providers which may assist with the request for OSS.
  • Per BUMEDINST 1300.2B, all OSS of dependents require DD2792 and a DD2792-1 (for all children age 3-21 years old be completed by their school) to be completed to assist in identification and evaluation of EFMP family members.
These are required to expedite the screening process. Screening may be delayed without these forms.

For further details and to address specific questions about any related OSS issues, please see your area screener. The screener will be able to go into great detail and answer all inquiries pertaining to your specific situation.
Sea Duty and Operational Suitability require DD2807 and NAVMED 1300/1.  Please inform the medical staff if you have a family member assigned to EFMP.
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