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Preventive Medicine

The Preventive Medicine section of the Branch Health Clinic assists Medical Department Officers in the performance of Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health programs for the Navy and Marine Corps forces ashore and afloat.
          Health and Sanitation inspections of:
·         Living Spaces
·         Barber and Beauty Shops
·         Child Care Facilities
·         Recreational Facilities
·         Swimming Pools
·         Food Service Facilities

          Bacteriological Analysis of:
·         Water
·         Ice samples
·         Food

          Conducts Epidemiological Investigations and reporting:

·         Interviews and conducts sexually transmitted disease and other communicable disease counseling for patients and contacts.

          Conducts disease vector control programs:
·         Mosquito, insects, rodents, parasites and other pests
·         Survey identification, and pesticide application and other control measures
·         Instructs medical and non-medical personnel in areas of preventive medicine and specific environmental health matters
Hours                        0730-1600
Phone                (850) 636-9403
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