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Aviation Medicine Department performs physical exams and screenings for active duty personnel. Physical examination preliminaries are conducted daily by appointment only. Depending on the type of physical you required, the exam may take more than one visit. Below is a list of the physical exams and screenings conducted at NBHC Belle Chasse:
            ·      Initial, Long, and Short Form Flight Physicals
            ·      Selected Passenger Physicals
            ·      Suitability/Overseas Screenings
            ·      Reenlistment/Extension Screenings
            ·      Separation/Retirement Screenings
            ·      Commissioning Physicals
            ·      Nuclear Physicals
            ·      Certain Special Programs/Warfare Physicals
             Before scheduling an appointment for a physical exam, ensure that the following requirements are up to date:
            ·      Current Well Woman Exam (PAP) and /or Mammogram (Appointment line: 877-879-1621 or Relay Health).
            ·      Any additional waiver requirements (for flight physicals or members applying to special programs or commissioning. Example: PRK Op Reports, Holter Monitor Tests, etc)
If these requirements are not up to date, it may delay your physical being signed off until the requirements are met.
A T-2 dental exam is part of Aviation Medicine physicals. It does not include a cleaning or dental work outside the scope of the exam.
A PHA will also be included in your physical exam should it be required. (PHA is typically conducted during a person’s birth month or 30 days prior.)
For a physical exam or screening appointment call 504-678-3660 (Option 8) or 3665.  This appointment should not be scheduled via the Central Appointment Line.
Drilling Reservists
Physical examinations are conducted on Saturdays of Drill weekend. Physical examinations are conducted on a walk-in basis. Check-in is 0800. 
Reservists being seen weekdays must provide a copy of their orders or muster sheet to ensure there is no delay to care.



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