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Healthcare Benefits Office


The Healthcare Benefits Office is located within NBHC Belle Chasse.
Care not able to be provided at NBHC Belle Chasse (ex. Orthopedics, ENT, Obstetrics, special imaging such as CT/MRI etc.) is provided by TRICARE/Humana network service providers.  The office takes care of patients assigned to the NAS/JRB Belle Chasse and the surrounding areas. To speak with the Benefits Advisor call 504-678-4555/7916. 
Frequently Asked Questions and Easy Answers:
Q: How can I track the status of the referral my doctor gave me?
A: Sign up for “Self Service” at to view approved referrals. Allow 5-7 business days for most referrals to be approved.
Q: I want a referral for a specialist, how do I get one?
A: TRICARE Prime enrollees must go through their PCM to obtain all referrals. *Exception: Many preventive screening visits are provided at a low or no-cost periodically go to for details.
Q: I went to an Urgent Care Center (UCC) and have received a bill- how do I get that paid?
A: Coverage for UCC care depends on your status.
Dependents and Retirees receive 2 covered UCC visits “no questions asked” per 12 month period.  Dependents and Retirees, who obtain permission via the Nurse Advice Line (1800TRICARE[Option 1])before going to the UCC will not have that visit counted against their 2 per year limit.
Active Duty members must call 1800TRICARE [Option 1] the Nurse Advice line to obtain permission.
Q: Are the referrals rules different for Active Duty patients?
A: Due to the effects that surgeries and other procedures can have on military members’ duty status, all ADSM patients must be tracked by a Health Benefit Advisor at NBHC Belle Chasse.  Call 504-678-4555/7916.  Surgeries will not usually be allowed within six months of PCS, separation, or retirement – talk to your PCM for details.
Q: I have questions about the different health plans in TRICARE or how to use my benefits to pay my bill or get a particular kind of care….
A: is extremely user friendly and will answer 99% of your TRICARE questions. If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative please call 1-800-444-5445 for benefits and claims or 1800TRICARE for the other issues.


Nurse Advice Line Information and Tips


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