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Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 0730-1600 M-F
Telephone: 504-678-7902
Preventive Medicine conducts routine inspections of food establishments, berthing and living spaces aboard the NAS/JRB. It also: 
1.    Maintains continuous surveillance of potable water and ice supplies; reviews plans for new construction or alteration of existing food establishments and facilities to ensure compliance with current public health standards.
2.     Inspects special facilities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, Navy exchanges, barber shops, beauty shops, child care centers, trailer parks and vending machines.
3.    Provides annual and refresher training for food establishment personnel.
4.    Ensures that food establishment, barber shop, beauty shop and childcare personnel receive required medical surveillance.
5.    Interviews patients with known or suspected communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases; and investigate contacts and provides recommendations for control measures in such cases.
6.    Maintains and analyzes epidemiological data in the local area to assist in evaluating communicable disease trends and their impact on NAS/JRB Belle Chasse.
7.    Performs disease vector surveillance (e.g.: mosquitoes) and provides recommendations for control to the appropriate authorities.
8.    Maintains liaison with local and state public health officials for the purpose of communicable disease control, technical upgrading (such as changes in policies or legislation concerning environmental health factors), and trends in communicable disease patterns. In addition, ensures that appropriate reporting to the Plaquemines Parish Epidemiology Department, Center for Prevention occurs for all instances of reportable communicable disease.
9.    Performs heat stress measurements four times daily whenever the ambient air temperature exceeds 80 degrees F – generally between April through October.

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