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     The ombudsman concept was first incorporated The ombudsman concept was first incorporated into the U.S. Navy in 1970 by then-CNO Adm. Elmo Zumwalt to foster clear and concise communications between the Navy leadership and Navy families. Today, ombudsmen - typically the spouses of acti ve and reserve members of the sea services - are on the commanding officer's team. They volunteer for appointment as ombudsmen, are highly trained and professional and perform a virtually infinite variety of tasks for sea service families and commanders.
     Ombudsmen keep commanders informed about the general morale, health and welfare of the command's families. They call upon the services of chaplains, counselors and military organizations, such as Fleet and Family Support Centers, which can be helpful to sea service families with emergencies or special needs.
     The devotion to duty and accomplishments of sea service ombudsmen are legend. Their outstanding work during the past 35 years is indicative of the great value the sea services place upon their people.
Navy Family Ombudsmen are communication links, information and referral resources and advocates for command family members.
     Appointed by the Commanding Officer, Command Ombudsmen are volunteers and spouses of service members within the command.  As an official command representative, the Ombudsman is a point of contact for all family members connected to the command – including spouses, parents and extended family members.  The Ombudsman Code of Ethics guarantees professionalism and confidentiality, within the Ombudsman program.
     The Navy Ombudsman Program serves as a lifeline for Navy family members, especially when the active duty member is deployed.  Whether the issue involves deployment, finances, relocating or any other obstacle that can occur an Ombudsman is there to assist.  These volunteers are here to help families of their commands through difficult times by guiding them in the right direction.
NHP Ombudsman contact information:
Telephone: 850-377-4325
If you are interested in becoming a Command Ombudsman, please contact:
Command Master Chief Michael Hinkle at 850-505-6414.
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