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Operational Support Office (OSO) Welcome Package

Contact Info:

·       850-505-6265/6239/6218
For more than 35 years, Naval Hospital Pensacola has been a "teaching hospital." It is home to one of the Navy's Family Medicine teaching hospitals. NHP is located in Northwest Florida surrounded by sugar- white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. The command has been in operation since 1826. This current hospital, the 6th to be built in the area, was completed in 1976. NHP continues to be a significant entity in the area's medical community by providing healthcare to more than 70,000 Department of Defense eligible beneficiaries throughout NW Florida and South Alabama; and more than 200,000 beneficiaries at its 10 branch health clinics across five states.
In January 2011, NHP earned Defense Medicine’s top patient safety award for ‘Teamwork, Training and Skill-Building for an In-Patient Facility’ by partnering with its patients in a two-way communication initiative that drew patients into a partnering relationship of care with their healthcare provider.
In January 2003, NHP earned the Navy Surgeon General’s “Muddy Boots” award and was selected by the Picker Institute as the No. 1 hospital in the country among all military and civilian hospitals – as rated by patients -- on patient-centered care. NHP also picked up a national Picker Institute Award as the Benchmark Hospital for the Continuity and Transition Dimension of Care (from among 11 Health Systems, 122 Hospitals, 39,860 patient survey responses) category.
OSO Mission 
The Operational Support Office is the primary point of contact for all Reserve matters at NHP and its Branch Health Clinics (BHCs). OSO provides administrative support to facilitate the integration of assigned reserve personnel into NHP. Our Mission is to ensure the effective engagement of all reserve assets assigned. OSO coordinates and forwards all requests for operational support to BUMED M1 for validation and advertisement in the Medical Reserve Utilization Program Management Information System (MEDRUPMIS). OSO coordinates and facilitates training opportunities to meet Command Mission requirements and maintain the highest reserve operational readiness.

Guiding Principles 
1.       High Quality
2.       Safety
3.       Patient and Family Focused Care
4.       We Deploy
5.       Warriors and their families pre-, during, and post-deployment.
6.       Communication
GOAL 1:   We will provide safe, quality, family centered care for our Warriors past and present. [DMS and DSS]
GOAL 2:   We will be respectful, courteous, and responsive to our patients and staff as we meet their needs and strive to exceed their expectations. [DNS]
GOAL 3:   We will have a comprehensive Warrior support program. [DBC]
GOAL 4:   We will develop an efficient and proactive manpower system to meet our mission. [DFA]
GOAL 5:  We will use effective business practices to best utilize our resources and demonstrate our value. [DHO]
Enabling Goal:  We will communicate effectively XO/CMC

·  Member or Training Officer will send OSO a filled out AT Request form to include where they would like to work. Please note that there is no guarantee you will work where you have requested. 
·  Telephone calls and “shopping” for AT opportunities is highly discouraged. 
·  OSO will match the member in MEDRUPMIS to issue a Billet Line Number (BLN) and Billet Control Number (BCN), provided that the member is qualified for the job assignment, via email. 
·  Once the BCN is issued, Reserve personnel and/or the Reserve Unit WILL NOT change the start date without notifying OSO to ensure the Reservist is needed for the new timeframe. Please notify OSO if AT needs are to be cancelled as well. 
·  A BCN is unique to the individual it is assigned, 
·  The member must input the BCN in the NROWS application. The member must also include the Billet Line Number in the NROWS application Justification box. 
·  AT applications submitted without a Billet Line Number or a BCN will be denied. 
·  The Reservist then submits the AT application through the NROWS system. You must click “SAVE” and then “REVIEW/SUBMIT” for the application to go through.

·  Any member wanting to do AT outside NHP must get released to do so by the OSO Office. You must submit a request though your DET’s COC. 
·  Proper COC route: DET leadership, OHSU TO and then the NROWS approver. The DET leadership should be the one forwarding the request for the member to the OSO Office. 
·  If you call or email our office without first speaking to your COC, you will be directed to them before we will process your request for release. 
·  You must have completed at least the last two (2) AT’s at NHP in order to be released. Please note however, that each case will be reviewed individually. 
·  If you try to submit orders in NROWS for somewhere other than NHP they will be either denied or put on hold by the NROWS approver until you have received a release from the OSO Office.
·  If you want to attend a conference that is NON-MILITARY related it will have to be close to home, i.e. No travel expenses to Uncle Sam. For example, a nursing conference located in your local area is acceptable.

·   Report to the OSO on the 6th floor [Room 6060] - Manpower Conference Room promptly at 0730 on the first day of AT. 
·   Report with your orders, updated copy of your page two, ID card, HIPAA Training certificate, and dressed in Uniform of the Day (Service Uniform – E6-below,  Khaki’s E7-above 
·   You will be provided a check-in sheet and guidance on the day of check-in. Your check in should be completed and you should be to be in your workspace by 1200.
Please do not check in at the Quarterdeck. 
In order to be paid correctly, your orders must be stamped by the OSO Office. 
NOTE:  In order to receive computer access at NHP you must have a current background check (Enlisted members) or security clearance (Officers) either completed or in progress.  Please do not schedule AT without being aware of your security clearance status as it will only hinder your AT experience.  Please check you clearance at your Reserve Center with the Security Manager and if it is not current, initiate one prior to checking onboard for your AT. 
Reservists assigned to departments included in the respiratory protection program need either provide current documentation of qualification standards or complete qualification standards upon arrival, or the department must ensure they are not assigned duties where they may be exposed to TB. 
Departments currently enrolled in the program include: Family Medicine (physicians and EMS staff only), Immunizations, Internal Medicine (physicians and respiratory therapists only), Med/Surg Nursing (4 West and ICU), Pathology (morgue staff only), Preventive Medicine, and Radiology (techs providing portable x-ray services only).
BUPERSINST 1001.39E states the “Individuals may not be assigned to any Reserve Billet in which there could be a financial interest or civilian employment conflict of interest situation as defined by DOD 5500.7-R of 30 August 1993 (NOTAL).” 
In other words, civilian employees of the government may not be assigned to a mobilization billet in the office where they are employed as a civilian.  Reserve activities will forward any potential conflict of interest situation that they cannot resolve per DOD 5500.7-R of 30 August 1993 (NOTAL) to BUPERS (PERS 913) for enlisted and (PERS 911) for officers.
Prerequisites for AT 
BLS:  Required every 2 years for all active duty.  Required every 2 years for civilians who provide direct patient care. 
ACLS:   Physicians, NPs, and PAs assigned to: ER, BMC, FH, MMART, OCONUS Orders, Anesthesia, FPC, IMC, Surgical Staff.  Nurses assigned to ICU/PACU, ER, Anesthetists, If monitor conscious sedation (Endoscopy), FH (critical care), MMART. 
PALS: Physicians assigned to: ER, Anesthesia, FPC, Peds. Nurses assigned to ICU/PACU, ER, Anesthetists, PNP/PEDS (Inpt), If monitor conscious sedation. PAs assigned to ER & Peds. 
NRP: Physicians assigned to Peds, FPC. Nurses assigned to Women’s & Children Unit (RNs & LPNs) Corpsmen assigned to Women’s & Children.
NHP has a 100% ID check policy at the gate. Be sure you have your Military ID when entering or leaving the compound. Members performing AT, ADT, IDT or RIDT at NHP are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and are expected to act accordingly.
Upon entry to NHP grounds, take a left at the end after the security check-point. Turn left, pass the tennis courts and left into the staff parking lot (indicated by a “Staff Parking” sign).  Do not park in Patient, Emergency Room, Handicapped, Expectant Mother, or any other parking spots designated by anything other than “Staff Parking”. 
All vehicles entering Naval Air Station Pensacola must have either a current DOD sticker or temporary vehicle pass. Personnel entering that base for the first time must report to the vehicle registration center just inside the main gate (Bldg 777).  A temporary pass will be issued for the dates on your orders. 
The following documents must be presented to obtain a pass:  (1) Valid Driver’s License; (2) Current Vehicle Registration or Rental Car Contract; (3) Proof of Insurance; (4) Valid Military Identification Card.

SUMMER UNIFORM OF THE DAY (normally effective in April)
Officer/CPO:  Summer White/Khaki
Enlisted:  Service Uniform/Service Dress White Jumper 
WINTER UNIFORM OF THE DAY (normally effective in December)
Officer/CPO:  Service Dress Blue/Khaki
Enlisted: Service Uniform/Service Dress Blue 
GROOMING STANDARDS: All personnel reporting to NHP must meet current standards. 
Scrub Policy
1.    Scrubs may be worn outside the work center anywhere inside the Naval Hospital so long as a clean cover gown or lab coat, buttoned completely, is worn over top.
2.    Shoes:  solid white or solid black.
3.    Soiled scrubs should be changed before going outside the work center.
4.    Scrubs may not be worn to or from work. 
Cellular Phones:
      Only a command-issued cellular phone is allowed to be worn. 
**** If you will be reporting in or around the November-December or April-May time frame; call the OSO office for seasonal uniform confirmation. ***
To maximize your AT experience and decrease the chances of problems with your per-diem, you must contact the BEQ or BOQ to make your berthing reservations.  It is of the upmost importance for you to receive a Certificate of Non-Availability Number (CNA) prior to making any berthing arrangements out in town.  This includes the Navy Lodge located on the Naval Air Station
NAVY LODGE:                      (850) 456-8676 or 1-800-NAVY-INN
BEQ NAVAL AIR STATION:  (850) 452-7076 or (850) 452-7782 (Reservations)
BOQ NAVAL AIR STATION:  (850) 452-3625 (Reservations)
The Galley is located on the 1st Deck adjacent to the Quarterdeck.
From the airport, take AIRPORT BLVD to N. 9th street.  Take a left on N. 9th street.  Follow N 9th street to FAIRFIELD DRIVE (State Road 295).  Take a right on FAIRFIELD.  Stay in the left hand lane, FAIRFIELD and 295 branch off.  A sign will be posted for NAS PENSACOLA.  State Road 295 (also called Navy Blvd) will take you directly to the front gate of NAS PENSACOLA
From the airport, take AIRPORT BLVD to N. 9th street.  Take a left on N. 9th street.  Follow N 9th street to FAIRFIELD DRIVE (State Road 295).  Take a right on FAIRFIELD.  Stay in the left hand lane, FAIRFIELD and 295 branch off.  From 295, take a right on Hwy 98 and the hospital will be on your right after the Navy Shopping Mall.

The hospital is located on HWY 98 (DOCTOR FARIN DRIVE).  From NAS, take Murray Road to the front gate, this will be NAVY BLVD, (approx 4 miles) stay in the left hand lane until you come to DOCTOR FARIN DRIVE (HWY 98), turn left onto DOCTOR FARIN DRIVE.  The hospital is 1½ miles on the right.

Take Murray Road through the front gate (this is NAVY BLVD).  Stay in the left hand lane and make a left onto DOCTOR FARIN DRIVE (HWY 98).  The Navy Mall is the 2nd right.  A Commissary, NEX, gas station, mini mart, car service and cleaners are all located there.  If you continue on the main road through the gate, you will continue onto CORRY STATION which houses a wellness center, thrift store, coffee shop, bowling alley and gym.

From the front gate of NAS PENSACOLA, stay on Murray Road (left at the Y at the front gate).  At the second traffic light, make a left into Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC).  At the stop sign, make a left onto Chavalier Field Ave, follow this to the next stop sign, make a right onto East Ave and follow it until you get to BEQ Bldg 3910.

From the front gate of NAS PENSACOLA, stay on Murray Road (left at the Y at the front gate).  At the third traffic light, make a right on Moffet Road.  The BOQ is located on the right at Rogers Circle, Building 600 (Blue awning in front of building.) 
Car Rentals at Pensacola Regional Airport

Ashton Suites, 850-454-0280
4 New Warrington Rd
Pensacola, FL 32506
Approximate Rate:  $85.00
Amenities:  Pool, Iron, Coffee in room
Hospitality Inn, 800-321-0052
4910 Mobile Hwy
Pensacola, FL 32506                     
Approximate Rate:  $48.00 - $53.00 Amenities:  Mini-suite with refrigerator, Pool
Suburban Lodge, 800-951-7829
3984 Barrancas Ave.                      
Pensacola, FL 32506                                              
Approximate Rate:  $55.00

Crown Plaza Pensacola Grand,
200 E. Gregory St.                        
Pensacola, FL                              
Approximate Rate:  $85.00 - $95.00
Amenities:  Coffee pot, Iron, CD player, restaurant
New World Inn
600 S. Palafox St
Pensacola, FL 32506
Approximate Rate:  $80.00
Amenities:  Coffee pot, iron, breakfast
Residence Inn, 850-432-0202
601 Chase St.
Pensacola, FL 32506
Approximate Rate:  $85.00 - $125.00 Amenities: Full Kitchen, Continental Breakfast
Ramada Inn Bayview, 850-477-7155      
7601 Scenic Hwy.
Pensacola, FL 32504
Approximate Rate:  $47.00 - $69.00 (plus tax)
Amenities:  Refrigerator, Restaurant, Airport Shuttle, Small Pets ($25.00 extra)
Clarion Suites, 800-874-5303
20 Via De Luna Dr.
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561
Approximate Rate:  $85.00 - $125.00
Amenities:  All rooms Suites, Pool, Continental Breakfast
Comfort Inn
40 Fort Pickens Rd.
Approximate Rate:  $65.00 - $180.00 Amenities:  10% Military Discount, Pool



  • Golf, Running Trails
  • Barrancus National Cemetery
  • Marina/Boat rentals
  • Museum of Naval Aviation
  • Bowling Center
  • Movie theater 
  • Mini Mall/ Uniform Shop
  • Lighthouse Pt. CPO Club/ Rest.


  • Pensacola Beach
  • Fort Pickens
  • Perdido Key
  • Gulf Island National Seashore


The Zoo

Botanical Gardens


  • Palafox Street – area has many shops and restaurants
  • Old Seville Square Park
  • Pensacola Museum of Art
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park
  • Saenger Theater
  • Pensacola Little Theater


  • Pensacola Pelicans (Baseball)
  • Pensacola Ice Pilots (Hockey)
  • Pensacola Civic Center (Concerts; Children’s Shows, etc)
  • Sam’s Fun City (Amusements)
  • Pensacola Greyhound Track
  • Five Flags Speedway

MOBILE & Other Attractions

  • USS ALABAMA Museum
  • Mobile Bay Bears (Baseball)
  • Bellingrath Home & Gardens
  • Adventures Unlimited (Milton)
  • Big Lagoon State Recreation Area
  • Blackwater River State Park (Milton)


  • McGuire’s Irish Pub
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Copelands
  • Skopelos on the Bay
  • The Angus Steakhouse
  • Landry’s Seafood House
  • The Fish House
  • Atlas Oyster House
  • Palace Oyster Bar (Seville Qtr)
  • The Olive Garden
  • Chili’s
  • Applebee’s Bar and Grill
Pensacola Beach & Gulf Breeze
  • Flounder’s Chowder & Ale House
  • Peg Leg Pete’s
  • H2O – A Cajun Asian Grill
  • Hemingway’s
  • Paradise Bar & Grill
  • Crabs
  • Billy Bob’s Beach Barbeque
  • Bon Appetit Waterfront Cafe
  • Hooters
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