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Reservist Information

Operational Support Office

            Office Hours – 0730 -1600

            6th Deck Room 6068


·         OSO LCPO:         (850) 505-6218

·         OSO LPO:            (850) 505-6239


Requesting Annual Training (AT) or Active Duty Training (ADT)

1.     Reservist should first utilize MEDRUPMIS for AT or ADT opportunities prior to contacting the OSO. Naval Hospital Pensacola (NHP) has opportunities within the Hospital and its Branch Health Clinics (BHC).

Click on link to be directed to MEDRUPMIS.

                        AT Opportunities        MEDRUMPIS Instructions

2.     Members assigned to OHSU Pensacola must route AT or ADT application through their Detachment Training Officer.  Information on OHSU Pensacola chain of command and command contacts can be obtained logging on to NKO OHSU Pensacola - private site 

3.     Reserve members that are not assigned to OHSU Pensacola or Gained to Naval Hospital Pensacola will need to complete the AT / ADT application and send to:


4.     AT/ADT Application can be downloaded here: FY11 AT/ADT Application

a.     Tab 1 = Instructions

b.     Tab 2 = AT/ADT request form – all blocks must be filled out or application will be returned

c.     Tab 3 = Credentialing – Providers (MC, NC, MSC – PA, Lab, Pharmacy, etc) 

5.     NROWS Go-By Instructions and UIC information:

a.     NHP- 00203

b.     NBHC Whiting Field – 32558

c.     NBHC Panama City – 41430

d.     NBHC Meridian – 39167

e.     NBHC/NMPS Gulfport – 39375

f.      NBHC Belle Chase (New Orleans) -66898 

6.     You will receive a Billet Control Number (BCN) from the OSO as confirmation of your approved application.

a.     Enlisted – Training (TCCC/HMSB/HIPAA/BLS) and Security Clearance will be verified, work center contacted and BCN issued within 72 hours 

b.     Officers - Training, Security Clearance, work center and Credentialing will be verified.  Due to credentialing, it may take 10 Business days or more before a BCN can be issued. 

7.     Naval Hospital Pensacola Welcome Aboard Package

a.   Please contact us for outlying clinics, a copy will be emailed to you upon approval of your AT/ADT.

b.   Billeting information is included within the Welcome Aboard Package. 


Reporting Aboard

1.     Check-in at the Operational Support Office (OSO), located on the 6th Floor Rm 6068

a.    Report no later than 0730 in the uniform of the day.

b.    Bring a copy of your orders, which will be endorsed and routed to Personnel Support (PSD).

c.     Paperwork for a staff badge, CHCS account and email access will be given.

d.    The check-in process could take up to 2hrs

2.     Check-out

a.    Check-out in the uniform of the day on the last day of your Annual Training orders.

b.    The last day of AT is considered a full day at your assigned workspace.

c.     Flights home should not be made earlier than 1700.

d.    Officers: Fitness Reports and Performance Appraisal Reports (PAR) must be submitted via your chain of command.

1.     Ensure that your Department Head signs it before dropping it off at the Credentials Office. Copies of FITREPS or PARs may be left with Manpower, but is not required.

Member must be fully fit for duty and ready to work in assigned workspace.

1.     Grooming - conform to the current Navy-wide grooming standards. Personnel not in compliance with these standards will not be checked in for duty until deficiencies are corrected.

2.     Required documents and other items -

o   Original Orders - (AT/ADT/ADSW/IDTT), including modifications. When putting in orders on NROWS,  

o   Valid military I. D. card.

o   Uniform of the Day.

o   HIPAA Certificates. Having this proof of completion dramatically shortens your check-in time.

3.     HIPAA Preparation. Go to the following site and take HIPAA Training. is mandatory for NHP staff. HIPAA is required to be completed before a BCN will be issued.

New HIPAA registrants - Important Notes

    • For HMs, select Nursing as your job position. This most closely relates to your responsibilities.
    • For all other rates, select 'Facility Support Services’
    • After registering, please keep your username and password in a secure place and bring them with you when you report for duty. You will need that information to access HIPAA every year for annual refresher courses..

Pay, Travel and Money

Travel claims: Upon checkout, travel claims should be processed as per your Reserve unit’s policy.

Personal money: Bring enough money to cover expenses. A government issued credit card (GTCC) may be used to off-set initial out-of-pocket expenses. Contact your Reserve center credit card coordinator for details. 

Uniform of the day

  • Report for AT in the Uniform of the Day.
  • Khakis and Dress Blues are acceptable attire for officers and senior enlisted year-round.
  • Enlisted personnel will report on board in the Navy Service Uniforms (NSU). Enlisted personnel are also required to bring a pair of Navy Working Uniforms and coveralls, depending on work assignments.


All health care providers (physician, dentist, nurse, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical service corps clinician, dental hygienist) must be credentialed prior to assuming their clinical duties. A Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) must be received from credentialing office prior to performing any clinical duties.

Additionally, all providers must have an electronic application from Centralized Credentials and Quality Assurance System before granting privileges at this command. These must be filled out ASAP in order to get the proper signatures prior to reporting.

If you have credentialing questions or problems contact NHP’s Credentials Office at (850) 505-6934. 

It is the individual Reserve member's responsibility to assure credentials are kept current. Health care providers’ credentials must be up to date prior to submitting the request for Annual Training. When the unit OIC/CO signs the application this indicates credentials status of credentials, at NHP. 

Informational/Training Links

NKO-OHSU Pensacola

AT- Opportunities


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