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I am Navy Medicine: LT Steven Beall

by Navy Medicine | 08 July 2020

by Navy Medicine | 08 July 2020

?I am Lieutenant Steven Beall, a fourth year medical student at the Uniformed Services University (USU).?

Beall is part of the majority of students who enroll at USU with no prior military service. He was selected to enter medical school immediately following his undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama. Originally a native of Germantown, TN, ?I was drawn to the University of Alabama for their Honors College and University Fellows program which fostered my passion of community outreach and leadership,? said Beall.

As Beall contemplated his medical school selection, he felt USU stood out in many ways. ?USU encapsulates an environment of excellence, team-work and leadership more than any other medical school I visited. I think this collaborative environment stems from the shared uniform and goals, but it is also due to the fact that I will continue to practice alongside and even be treated by my classmates for the next 10 to 20 plus years.?

Beall described his first 16 months at USU as quite similar to his undergraduate experience in that they included lectures, small groups, labs and hours of studying. However, the main difference he appreciated was that USU provided him an opportunity to see and learn patient-centered care from day one.

?The early patient interaction has paid off as the remaining two and a half years of medical school have consisted of monthly rotations in new medical specialties. Broadly, my typical day now consists of getting to the hospital relatively early with coffee-in-hand, preparing for my patients on the wards or clinic for the day, and seeing those patients to develop plans for healing under the supervision of my resident and attending physicians.?

Beall?s monthly rotations have taken him around the United States. He completed rotations in pediatrics at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, emergency medicine at Naval Medical Center San Diego, a two-week stint of training on the USNS Mercy, in addition to many other locations including Army and Air Force hospitals as a part of USU?s robust joint service training program.

?I found myself liking parts of every rotation, but finally felt at home in internal medicine. Internal medicine embraces the complexity and scope of medical problems and works as a team to provide solutions for our patients,? Beall continued, ?Through the military match process, I was selected to train at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and couldn?t be happier to start my intern year this July at the ?President?s Hospital.?? When asked how he felt his time at USU will prepare him for the remainder of his career as a Naval Officer, Beall said, ?I think that my education through USU including the unique military medicine curriculum, leadership experience and hands-on training that has spanned the globe has prepared me to help solve current and future medical and readiness challenges facing the Navy.?

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