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MarcinkiewiczCDR MATTHEW P. MARCINKIEWICZ, Commander

Who is NAVMEDLOGCOM? We are Medical Service Corps Officers, Supply Corps Officers, Sailors, Analysts, Contracting Specialists, Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Equipment Technicians, Support Staff and Contractors. We are 190 strong. We are all Logisticians. We support Navy Medicine's mission every day, and we "Keep Med Gear at the Tip of the Spear." 
Welcome to the Naval Medical Logistics Command Home

You may already be familiar with the support that NAVMEDLOGCOM provides to Navy Medicine in the forms of technical and procurement support for the acquisition of equipment, supplies and services. What may not be as familiar is our support to Navy's fleet and operational forces. Engineering support for medical and dental space configuration for new ships' construction such as the LHA-6 America Class amphibious assault ship and the CVN-78 Ford Class of aircraft carrier; $10M per year in lifecycle replacement of shipboard medical equipment; participation in a working group to achieve cost efficiencies through advanced acquisition planning for shipboard medical assemblages; developing adaptive force packages that will allow leveraging of all afloat platforms in support of Theater Hospitalization, Disaster Relief, and Humanitarian Civil Assistance; and an initiative to develop a clinically-based assemblage computation method are among the cutting edge services provided in support of the fleet and operational forces.

I invite you to explore our website to find out more about all our activities and services. We hope you leave with a fuller understanding of the mission of the Naval Medical Logistics Command. As always, we solicit your input and value your suggestions for improvement. Thank you for visiting.

NMLC (MIL/GOV) Website

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