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The challenges of military life place service members at increased risk for physical and psychological problems that can reduce operational readiness and adversely affect long-term health and well-being. Our team of behavioral scientists and research psychologists aims to promote health and resilience, and prevent mental and physical illness and injury. We do this by developing, evaluating, and implementing evidence-based health promotion interventions and materials.


The research conducted by our health promotion research team supports health and readiness by evaluating and improving existing programs designed to improve service members’ health and resilience. We also develop, assess, and implement original evidence-based interventions designed for the unique needs of our military population.


  • Improve force readiness by providing service members with the tools, skills, and support they need to optimize their health
  • Train military leaders and health care providers to better support the behavioral and psychological health of the force


  • Develop universal prevention materials to promote positive health behaviors and reduce risky behaviors
  • Create interventions targeting service members at high risk for developing mental or behavioral health problems
  • Use of a broad range of approaches to develop assessments, evidence-based curricula, and tools to promote healths
  • Evaluate prevention programs and materials to determine their efficacy, identify areas for improvement, and pinpoint barriers to success


  • Positive psychology-based interventions to improve morale and retention among injured military recruits
  • Interventions to promote healthy sleep and reduce psychopathology during deployment
  • Behavioral health trainings to teach military leaders how best to support and promote healthy behaviors in their personnel
  • Evidence-based, interactive workbooks to assist service members reduce stress resulting from occupation- and military-specific stressors
  • Mobile apps to reduce prescription drug misuse and risky drinking behavior
  • Training materials to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking for mental health problems
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