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Welcome to NSTI -ASTC Whidbey Island, WA


Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC) Whidbey Island is a detachment of the Navy Medicine Operational Training Command, Naval Survival Training Institute, Pensacola FL. ASTC Whidbey Island provides CNO directed Naval Aviation Survival Training Program and adjunctive aviation, aeromedical, and water survival training support for approved local, regional, Joint and OCONUS customers.




Register Here for a class. This site is CAC enabled for Students only.
**Please fill out and or UPDATE all required information when registering for a class so you can be contacted about your registration if needed**


To request an authorization for training, please contact ASTC Whidbey Island at: (360) 257-2304 (DSN) 820
CNAF M-36710.7 dtd 15 Jan 2023 no longer authorizes alternate training due to inoperative devices/inclement weather for refresher students. As such, any factor creating device unavailability will result in a letter of Conditionally Qualified (CQ) or Unqualified (UQ), dependent on the number of devices unavailable, and the student will have 90 days to the complete the deficient module(s). If device unavailability is the reason for Conditional Qualification and the individual is unable to return to the ASTC for completion of the deficient training module prior to a deployment, an extension until 30-days post-deployment may be requested. The approval authority for this type of extension is the aviation TYCOM, CMC, COMNAVAIRFORES, or command delegated this authority by TYCOM CMC or COMNAVAIRFORES, for their assigned units. Refer to Paragraph 8.4.4 of CNAF M-3710.7 regarding training waivers and extensions other than the deployment extension described above.

What to Bring:

ASTC Whidbey Island strongly encourages FLIGHT SUITS as the uniform of the day for all aviation personnel. This is due to the physical and environmental demands of the survival training. Class 1 Refresher Aviators are strongly encouraged to bring their own NVG capable TACAIR helmet and MBU series O2 mask for Dynamic Hypoxia and Parachute Descent Training.

Water Survival Students must bring a (modest) swim suit or shorts and a towel. It is highly recommended that students bring a spare t-shirt and socks, if preferred, to be worn with pool issue flight equipment. Students who wear contact lenses are encouraged to bring a contact lens kit for removal of lenses during water training. Swim goggles are not authorized for any water testing evaluation.

PLEASE BE AT THE ASTC No Later than 0715 for Medical Screening and Record Checks. All personnel reporting for Naval Aviation Survival Training shall report with a photocopy of their current DD Form 2992 (Up Chit) Aeromedical Clearance Notice, or Aeromedical Safety Clearance per CNAF M-3710.7. All Physiology Classes begin at 0730 sharp, unless otherwise directed. Late arrival may be turned away or student seats re-assigned to stand-bys.

All prospective indoctrination students requesting an initial (INDOC) training quota must submit their Page 13 with proof of 3rd Class Swim Qualification (if not USN) and Medical Clearance (Up-Chit) with their request.

NOTE! Please be on time. Students reporting AFTER the start time of classes may not be eligible to complete a full qualification on that day, and will have to reschedule and return on another day to make up missing elements.


Training Information:

Indoctrination/Non-Aircrew Students

All prospective indoctrination/non-aircrew students must secure their training requests via email, followed by confirmation by the ASTC. Prior to requesting an Indoctrination quota, please ensure the applicable Command Training Request Letter is forwarded to the ASTC along with other required items as noted in What to Bring.

Indoctrination/Non-aircrew students are REQUIRED to enroll in the quarterly Initial/Non-Aircrew Course.

Training Schedule

Check-in time is at 0715

Uniform: Flight suit

Bring swim gear (swim suit/trunks, towel, shower gear)

Bring a copy of your Medical Clearance Chit




NAS Whidbey Island is located 80 miles northwest of Seattle and getting here is very easy, whether you choose to drive or fly. Oak Harbor is its largest city and is 2 miles from the naval air station.

If you arrive by plane into Seattle, you may want to consider taking the Airport Shuttle as an alternative to flying into Oak Harbor. The shuttle has four runs per day from SeaTac Airport, with a discounted fare for military. Call 1-800-423-4219 for reservations and information.
t is highly advised to travel the day prior to training and depart the day after training concludes to avoid missed flights.


VIA THE DECEPTION PASS BRIDGE: Follow I-5 North from Seattle and take exit 230, which is the Anacortes/Whidbey Island exit. Continue West on Highway 20 following the signs to Oak Harbor/Whidbey Island. You will notice a sign which reads "Whidbey Island Naval Air Station" on the right hand side of the road. This will take you to the main base, better known as Ault Field.

VIA MUKILTEO-CLINTON FERRY: Follow Interstate 5 (I-5) North from Seattle to exit 189. Follow the signs to Mukilteo and the Whidbey Island Ferry. The Ferry generally runs every 30 minutes and crossing time is approximately 20 minutes. After you arrive at the Clinton Ferry Dock on Whidbey Island, follow Highway 525 (which will turn into Highway 20) through to Oak Harbor. (Do not make any turns--this highway will lead you straight into Oak Harbor, approximately 38 miles from the Ferry.) This route is very scenic--keep your eyes open for deer! Follow HWY 20 and turn left on AULT FIELD ROAD. Signs to the base are posted along the road.

WHEN YOU GET TO NAS WHIDBEY ISLAND: The MAIN GATE is on LANGLEY BLVD. Follow it to the intersection at the top of the hill then turn left on MIDWAY ST. At the end of MIDWAY turn left on SARATOGA ST. You will see the hospital to your right. We are the last building on your left. If you enter the CHARLES PORTER GATE to the base, follow it down until you see the base theater on your left, turn left on MIDWAY.


Point of Contact:

ASTC Quarterdeck (360)257-2304 (DSN) 820
ASTC CDO (360)969-2438
FAX (360)257-3733 (DSN) 820

3470 N. Saratoga St. Bldg 2758
Oak Harbor, WA 98278-8700

7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone Numbers:
Telephone(Local): (770) 396-3898
Telephone(Toll-Free): 800-917-2081
Fax: (770) 396-3790
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