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Fitness and Fall
Colorful fallen leaves on the ground

Staying active year-round is important to your overall health. As seasons change, so do outdoor conditions. Make sure to assess your surroundings and plan for changes based on your environment when considering physical activity. Try new seasonal activities with family and friends to switch up your routine and enjoy the fall.

Servicemember doing yoga outside
Outdoor Yoga
Servicemember cycling on the beach
Outdoor Cycling
Father, mother and daughter at a pumpkin patch
Pumpkin Patch
Man raking leaves
Raking Leaves
Hand picking a red apple off a tree
Apple Picking
Father, daughter, and son navigating their way through a corn maze
Corn Maze
Woman walking her German Shepard
Brisk Walking
Couple hiking
Watch Your Step!

You should always watch your step during physical activities outdoors. Uneven pathways, potholes and loose walkways are all hazards when exercising outside. Take the time to assess what is ahead of you to reduce injury.

Service member with a pack and weapon walking along uneven ground

As leaves fall and line streets, sidewalks and pathways, make sure to watch your step as you engage in physical activity. Leaves can be slippery, especially when wet. This increases risk of falls and possible injuries.

Man with a backpack walking through wooded area with leags on the ground

As fall and winter approach, sunlight hours get shorter. This means less visibility during outside activities, especially in the mornings and evenings. Take necessary precautions, such as bringing lighting equipment (e.g., headlamp or flashlight), to increase your visibility.

Woman standing on a hill at sunset adjusting her headlamp

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