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Commander’s Guidance

Today’s Navy and Marine Corps team is the most highly trained, educated, and specialized force in history. Their needs and expectations continue to change in today’s evolving landscape. Therefore, to keep our Navy and Marine Corps team healthy, on station, and ready to do our nation’s work, Navy Medicine must adapt and provide so Sailors, Marines and their families the best care our nation can deliver.


The Navy and Marine Corps family has the best readiness and health in the world


Keep the Navy and Marine Corps family ready, healthy and on the job

Guiding Principles

  • Honor the trust to provide the best care to those who defend our freedom
  • Honor the uniform we wear
  • Honor the privilege of leadership

Commander’s Priorities

Readiness: We save lives wherever our forces operate – at and from the sea.

Health: We will provide the best care our nation can offer to Sailors, Marines, and their families to keep them healthy, ready and on the job.

Partnerships: We will expand and strengthen our partnerships to maximize readiness and health.

We are a maritime nation and have been since our founding. Our peace and prosperity are linked to the security of the seas and littorals. To protect that peace and security, America has the greatest and most capable Navy and Marine Corps the world has ever known. The role of Navy Medicine in preserving the health and fighting readiness of that force has never been greater or more critical. ​
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