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Officer Development School (ODS)

ODS is designed to provide newly commissioned Navy officers with the basic information required to understand Naval culture. It is designed to help create future Navy leaders who support the fleet. Ideally, the first annual training undergone by an HPSP or FAP participant is ODS. ODS is physically located in Newport, Rhode Island and lasts for 5 weeks. For more information about ODS go to the website located at

Note:  If you exceed the allowable weight for your height (as shown in the  Navy Weight Standards posted in Appendix A of the Student Handbook) or if you fail to pass the Physical Readiness Test administered  the first several days at ODS,  or fail to pass the third class swim test, you will be placed into a remedial fitness program for the time you are at ODS.  If you fail to pass the allowable weight for your height,  PRT standards, or the Navy third class swim test  by the time you graduate ODS, your failure will be noted in the Navy's PRT tracking system and will follow you in HPSP and on active duty. 
Step 1: Choose the date that is best for your schedule.

Dates for ODS in FY 19 (Oct 2018 - Sept 2019): 
19010 ​13-Oct-2018 14-Oct-2018 16-Nov-2018
​19020 2-Feb-2019 ​3-Feb-2019 8-Mar-2019
​19030 ​27-Apr-2019 28-Apr-2019 31-May-2019
​19040 ​1-Jun-2019 2-Jun-2019 5-Jul-2019​
​19050 ​6-Jul-2019 7-Jul-2019 9-Aug-2019​
​19060 ​10-Aug-2019 11-Aug-2019 13-Sep-2019 
Annual Training ODS requests for FY-2019 will not be accepted until 8 September 2018.
Seats are limited. The earlier you apply for a seat, the better your chances of getting the desired date. Please note that for planning purposes, graduation occurs on the morning of the "Graduation Date."
Step 2: Ensure that you have a current Annual Verification Form and HIV on file.
Your HIV must be within 2 years and your  Annual Verification Form must be within 1 year from the date of your application. For questions about your HIV and annual verification status, contact Accessions Medical Section. The Accessions Department Medical Section will FEDEX your health, immunization, and dental records directly to Officer Development School. You do not have to request them or hand carry them. When you have completed ODS, your health and dental records will be FEDEXed back to the Accessions Medical Section. If you have had additional immunizations since your HPSP physical, taking a copy of these immunizations with you may save you from getting them again from the Navy.

Step 3: Request Orders for ODS
Use the Annual Training Request Form to input your personal information and identify the class you want to attend. Scan and send your completed form using the AMRDEC SAFE Website to USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL. If your order request is complete and approved, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from the Annual Training Staff.  If the class you requested no longer has available seats, you will be notified.  If your orders request is not approved, you will receive an e-mail stating the specific reason(s) why. Please make the necessary corrections and re-submit the corrected Annual Training Order Request Form. The Accessions AT Staff will make all travel arrangements for you based on your input on the Annual Training Order Request form. DO NOT ARRANGE YOUR OWN TRAVEL. IF YOU PERSONALLY PAY FOR A PLANE TICKET, YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED. 
Step 4: Receipt of Itinerary and Orders:
Check back with the AT Section 6 weeks prior to travel for ODS orders to ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed and that we have an accurate e-mail address for you. Once your orders have been processed and an itinerary has been generated, Accessions AT Staff will e-mail you a .PDF copy via the AMRDEC SAFE Website. Normally this occurs 10 days prior to your actual travel date. If you do not have your orders and itinerary 10 days prior to your travel date, contact the Accessions AT Section immediately at USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL.

All personnel traveling via air are issued e-tickets from the Navy. E-tickets are available no earlier than 3 days PRIOR to the actual day of travel. Accessions AT Staff include your e-mail address when requesting your orders and airline tickets. This e-mail is used by SATO (the Navy's travel agency) to send your e-ticket to you. If you do not receive your e-ticket 3 days prior to your day of travel, contact Accessions AT Staff immediately. If flying out on a Sunday and you do not have your e-ticket by Friday morning at 9:00 am (Eastern), contact Accessions AT Section IMMEDIATELY. (If you do not have a ticket issued by the Navy, and you purchase your own, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket.)

Always read your orders and be sure you understand what you are required to do. If you have questions, contact the Accessions AT Section at USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL.
Step 5: Execute Your Orders:
Travel to ODS when indicated on your itinerary and orders. Save all receipts for tolls and taxis or other means of travel to the airport/ODS.  You will need these items in order to be reimbursed appropriately when you submit your travel claim. If you have connection problems while traveling to ODS, contact the SATO number listed in your orders.  There is no one in the NM Accessions Office after hours or on weekends.  If you do not use the first part of a round trip airplane ticket to get to ODS, the return flight will be automatically cancelled.  You must notify USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL if you fail to follow your scheduled air travel.  The travel office (SATO) responsible for arranging your transportation will not reissue flights without an order modification. We will not modify your orders after the fact if you decided to deviate from the scheduled travel arrangements.
Step 6: Submit Travel Claim:
You must submit a travel claim within 5 days of completing your travel.  Click here for information on how to submit a travel claim. If you fail to submit a travel claim, you will not be eligible for further annual training, and could be delayed in  coming on active duty after you graduate.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding ODS, please send an e-mail to USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL wiith a subject line of ODS Application.
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2/4/2019 2:57 PM

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