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Dental Clinics

Dental Clinics

3d Dental Battalion Okinawa
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Dental Clinics
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Branch Dental Clinic Iwakuni

11th Dental Company Detachment Iwakuni

Iwakuni Dental Clinic is located at the Robert M. Casey Naval Family Branch Clinic Iwakuni on the 4th floor.
Services Offered

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics

Active Duty Check-in Procedures:
To help us serve you better, please have the following information available upon check-in;

  • Current P.O Box Number
  • Phone number (work or personal cell)
  • Copy of Area Clearance/Dependent Area Approval

All Retirees and their family members who have a current valid ID cards are eligible for the following:

  • Emergency and “Space Available” service
  • Appointment availability is dependent on mission requirements

Non-command sponsored family members and civilian personnel are eligible for the following:

  • Emergency and “ Space Available” service
  • “Fee for Service” (NO Orthodontics or Prosthodontics)

Again, availability is dependent on mission requirements

Dental Emergency Procedure

  • If you have pain, DO NOT wait! Call the DUTY phone!
  • After hours visit is mainly for emergency only and NOT for routine check up or cleaning.

Local Referrals:

  • Optional – out of your own pocket
  • Billing Procedures (DOD civilians/Non-command sponsored family members) – pay per visit


Dental Care Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 0700 - 1600
Wednesday, Friday: 0700 - 1100
Closed Weekends and US Federal Holidays

Emergency Sick-call Hours:
Walk-ins Monday - Friday: 0700 - 1030

Emergency After Hours Duty Phone:
Primary: 080-6612-9266
Secondary: 090-6861-4609

DNS: (315)255-8500


Dental Clinic Comment Card

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